Stair Chair Lift Service and Repair in Santa Fe, NM

You depend on your stair or wheel chair lift to freely move about your house. Loss of use of your home accessibility equipment suddenly leaves you stranded, dependent on others. Able Access Lifts, Inc. in  Santa Fe, New Mexico can help you maintain and regain the use of your stair chair lift.

Annual Stair Chair Lift Maintenance

All wheel chair and stair lifts require regular maintenance to clean and (if necessary) lubricate the stair chair lift track. Regular removal of dust and grime ensure that your stair chair lift continues to operate smoothly.

Stair Chair Lift ButtonDuring your annual maintenance appointment, your Able Access Lifts, Inc. technician will also check for any problems with the power supply. Please tell your technician if you experience any problems with your stair lift—even things as minor as a swivel chair sticking or minor creaks. Troubleshooting minor problems will save you from expensive stair lift repairs down the road.

If no stair lift repairs are necessary, your annual maintenance appointment will only take about an hour.

Emergency Stair Chair Lift Repair

Regular maintenance to your wheel chair or stair lift will eliminate most service issues. However, emergency accessibility issues can still arise. If you need emergency stair lift repairs, contact Able Access Lifts, Inc. right away. In most cases, we are able to send out a technician the same business day.

Easy, Cost-Effective Stair Chair Lift Maintenance and Repair

To help keep you mobile once your home accessibility equipment has been installed, Able Access Lifts, Inc. offers worry-free maintenance service. We call you to remind you of upcoming annual wheel chair and stair lifts maintenance appointments. For our clients outside our central Albuquerque, New Mexico service area, we strive to bundle service calls together to minimize travel expenses and keep stair lift repair costs low.

To schedule your annual maintenance appointment or find out when our technicians will be in your area next, contact us.

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