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Residential Elevators, Wheel Chair Lifts & Stair Lifts for Your Albuquerque Home

A disabling accident or natural aging doesn’t have to keep you from making use of your whole house—even areas accessible by stairs. Able Access Lifts, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico can help you find the best home access and mobility solution to meet your needs.

Home Accessibility Solutions

Able Access Lifts, Inc. offers a range of home accessibility solutions, including:

We are happy to help you compare home elevators and stair lifts and select the right equipment for your New Mexico home and accessibility needs. Contact us to schedule a site visit or meeting with your contractor to find the most cost-effective product and installation.

Full-Service Residential Elevator, Wheel Chair and Stair Lift Contractors

Able Access Lifts, Inc. is more than just a residential elevator contractor. We are a team committed to helping youbecome more mobile and stay more mobile. We offer a full range of services:

Able Access Lifts, Inc. also provides handicapped scooter repair and upgrades for home elevators.

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Able Access Lifts, Inc. can help you really live in your home again! Experience the benefits of home elevators and electric wheelchair or stair lifts. Contact us to schedule your Albuquerque, New Mexico home visit today!

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